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"Virtual worlds are aesthetically magic"

Where passion meets professionality

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Dr. Helge Wirth is an artist, scientist and designer.  He invented  Ars geminae along with interested friends. ARS GEMINAE is doing research for virtual exhibitions and preservations. Helge has led several art and science projects in the past. He started off as an employee in the Dessau Gallery with displays regarding the expulsion and extermination of the Sinti and Roma in Germany and exhibitions of Jewish artists. This was followed by Unicef exhibitions for children in Africa.  At the University of Paderborn he worked on the Unesco World Heritage Education.
Other cultural projects took place at the "Kulturzentrum Brotfabrik".


Later he collaborated with JVC , Pfizer Ltd. and Pzizer research, and top webdisigners like J. Künzel. Aditionally, there were cooperations with nuclear research centers and medium-sized companies.
Together with Pfizer Senior Vice President David Mc. Gibney, he initiated the Art and Science Project as well as the Visions and Values Project over the span of five years.
Other projects included working on an exhibition series such as: "A voice silenced" about the Frankfurt opera singer Eleonore Neumann, who was killed in 1943.

As an artist, he created artworks in bronze as well as acrylic paintings. As a designer, he developed patents and new creative compositions through interdisciplinary approaches. Scientifically, he became known through publications in FAZ, FR, ZDF, Hr, 3Sat and others on topics of Bronze Age design.

He worked as a cameraman for ZDF in Bolivia. Prior to that, he lived together with the Aymara people at Lake Titicaca. Together with his team he produced 3D animations for ARTE. He studied art, geography and philosophy of new media.

As a sculptor, he has been involved with 3D projects ever since and is concerned with the opportunities of virtual 3D applications and environments.

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